New Pavilion at Hanham Common

Back in 2014 the council decided to use funds available from Section 106 money which was designated for sports & recreation, generated mainly by the Hanham Hall development plus other grants and council reserves to build a new pavilion on Hanham Common. The old football changing rooms, as well as being in a poor state, no longer complied with the latest guidelines and regulations issued by the FA.

It took a while but finally in 2020 we took the project forward with guidance from South Glos Council’s legal and planning teams. Once we were able to define our objectives; top quality facilities for the football teams that use the common plus some relaxing leisure space which can be used by local interest groups to meet up in, we chose a top team of architects to put our thoughts and ideas together.  The resulting plans have now been forwarded to South Glos for approval in a formal planning application.

We held three sessions at Hanham Hall in January 2022 to show off the plans to local residents.

29th March 2022 – Great News! South Gloucestershire Council approved the pavilion planning application.

We are working with W H Architects to move the project forward.  Watch this space!