Friends of Avon Valley Woodlands

The Friends of Avon Valley Woodlands are a group of volunteers from the local community who work with South Gloucestershire Council to maintain, conserve and improve the Avon Valley Woodlands Local Nature Reserve.
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The group has an approved Constitution with Officers and an Executive Committee. It has no income other than voluntary grants from Parish Councils to fund the running expenses, and occasional grants from South Gloucestershire Council for specified projects.
In partnership with South Gloucestershire Council a Management Plan is established that describes the work that the volunteers may undertake.  Additionally a Volunteer Agreement is established that ensures the Group’s work is safely undertaken and liability is covered.
The normal work practice is for Wednesday Workouts and Saturday Workdays.
  • The Wednesday Workouts are intended to be regular healthy activity in a range of work activities. The team usually work from 9.30am till noon on each Wednesday, meeting at a variety of start-points. The work nature ranges from vegetation clearance, to the construction and repair of steps, hedges and waymarking posts – employing a wide variety of tools and machinery.
  •  The Saturday Workdays are usually held on the first Saturday of each month. A team of volunteers meets at 10am at a variety of start-points for a couple of hours of light vegetation clearance and litter picking.
 Perhaps you would like to join us as a volunteer?
 Would you like to keep in touch with us and learn of our news and activities?
 If you are not included in the group as a volunteer, but nevertheless have observations or have comments to make:-

Zone Maps

The use of these maps may enable accurate recognition of features within the Woodlands and the sharing of their locations.

The 32 hectare Local Nature Reserve has arbitrarily been divided into five Zones;  1. Conham River Park, 2. Avon Valley Park, 3. Hencliffe Wood North, 4. Hencliffe Wood South, and 5. Bickley Wood.

The Zone Maps are from the South Gloucestershire Definitive Map but have been overlayed with an Ordnance Survey Grid.

The yellow lines have 6 digit grid numbers. East-West they are called the “Eastings” and North-South they are called the “Northings.  They divide the maps into 100m squares.

Within these yellow squares there are 100 black 10m squares.

The location of an object within a 10m square is described as “ X/Y: easting, northing”

For example.  The Powder House is in Zone 4 at X/Y : 363490, 170970

Click on the images below to open each Zone.

Avon Valley Park Zone 1

Map of Avon Valley Woodlands Zone 1

Conham River Park

Avon Valley Zone 2

Map of Avon Valley Woodlands Zone 2

Avon Valley Park

Zone 3

Map of Hencliffe Wood North Zone 3

Hencliffe Wood North

Zone 204

Map of Hencliffe Wood South Zone 4

Hencliffe Wood South

Zone 205

Map of Bickley Wood Zone 5

Bickley Wood