Following the cabinet being broken into and the defibrillator stolen in the summer of 2019, the parish council were reluctant to simply replace the equipment in the same location which was on the back wall of the pavilion at Hanham Common.  This was the second time the public access defibrillator was stolen from this location, being a dark, quiet area which clearly makes it attractive to thieves.

The telephone kiosk outside Hanham Common Butchers has been decommissioned due to lack of use and so the parish council has arranged for this to be formally adopted and the new cabinet and defibrillator have been installed inside, which is now live and connected to the ambulance service.    This location is much more visible to the general public, in a well lit area and it is hoped that the defibrillator will be safer here and much more accessible to those who need it in an emergency.

Video on how to use our defibrillator

Instructions on how to use a defibrillator

Phone Kiosk Defib2
Phone Kiosk Defib1